Torque Master Conversions

Torque Master Conversions

Torque Master Conversions have become more and more popular the last few years because the brand that makes them has stopped producing or mass producing these one of a kind torsion springs and there replacement parts have become too hard to find. Wayne Dalton first manufactured these garage doors with their very own type of torsion tube and torsion springs. It was a good idea at the time because you could add tension to the torsion springs with a drill and the installation of the bar and the springs were done simultaneously. The springs are not visible because they are set into the torsion tube which is why I don’t specifically like the design. I can’t allow my customers to see that they have a broken torsion spring by telling them to walk into their garage and let me borrow their eyes. We have converted thousands of these systems over to the more conventional torsion spring and torsion bar setup. This repair is pretty labor intensive and takes a lot more parts than a conventional spring replacement and that is why the price is more to convert rather to just replace the springs only.

Parts Required for Torque Master Spring Repair

Torque Master Spring Repairs

When making this repair the first thing we have to know is the width and height of the garage door so we know what size torsion bar and torsion cables we are going to need. Standard single car garage doors are 8 x 7 and double car garage doors are 16 x 7. This being said we will need a pair of 7’ torsion cables, a pair of bottom brackets, a pair of top fixtures to mount the correct width torsion bar to. We will also need a center bracket for the torsion bar and springs to mount to. This repair doesn’t allow us to use any of the parts that come on the Wayne Dalton Door because they don’t use a bottom bracket that has a loop for the torsion cable to fasten around. The torsion tube is not round it is oblong and also is a wider diameter so that their torsion springs can set inside instead of over the tube. They also don’t have top fixture or a center bracket that we can use for the standard spring application. The springs themselves vary in make, model and material of your door so the approximate weight of the door is the last step. On a 2 car garage door we always install 2 torsion springs even if it can be done with one spring to ensure our customers aren’t forced to lift the entire garage door if they ever have a broken spring in the future.

Wayne Dalton Spring Repairs

Pricing for Wayne Dalton Spring Repairs

The pricing for these repairs will vary by the size & weight of the door. Single car applications for an 8 x 7 garage door will cost $239-$259 for a single spring installation. These single car garage door repairs will only have one spring no matter the size or weight of the door. The pricing for a standard 16 x 7 torque master conversion will cost between $359 & $399 depending on the weight of the door and which 2 springs are needed to properly balance the door. All of our springs come standard with an 8 year warranty and 1 year for all labor. This repair also comes with a 25 point safety inspection, tightening of all loose nuts and bolts as well as lubricating all moving parts. If you’re garage door opener suddenly isn’t capable of opening your garage door and you have a Wayne Dalton Door this is more than likely the repair that you are going to be requiring. Be sure not to operate this door because you would be putting undue pressure on the top section and the garage door opener bracket that attaches to the center of the top section of your garage door. I have over 15 years experience and have always replaced these inferior springs with the traditional torsion springs that are visible and offer longer life cycles and longer life expectancy and will give more years of stress free use for you and your family.  I have been replacing the torque master spring systems down all over the 32092 zip code and half of these are also turning into opener issues as well.  With the spring not visible it makes it really difficult to know when you are running on one or two springs without actually pulling the red emergency release cord and operating the door manually to check the balance.  Call Affordable Garage Doors today for all your torque Master Conversions ans we will get your springs replaced today not tommorrow. 

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We will also need an image of the door or opener to better serve you and to get you a rough estimate on the repair costs.

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