These are probably the most dangerous and infamous garage door repairs that we make. They can be very scary for a homeowner that has their car directly under it and especially if you have never experienced one before. I cannot stress enough the importance of not trying to make this repair or attempt to do anything if these doors are in the up position & it goes sideways or off track. During the last Hurricane (Irma) we have an all time high during a 2 month period with around 15-20 due to the power outage and human error element. Just the disconnecting of the emergency release and operating the garage door manually was enough change to cause that many doors to come off track. Our knowledge to gain is that there are a lot of doors out there that if needed to be used manually wouldn’t pass the balance test if they cant even be opened or closed without coming off of its track. It is very easy to get these doors to come all the way out of the tracks and onto your car, so I highly recommend you call us right away. These repairs will cost between $179-$199 depending on the severity and this does not include any parts. This is simply getting the door back into its tracks.


Most Common Reasons for Sideways Doors

Other than human error like lowering the door onto something or hitting the garage door with a car while coming up or down there are several factors to these doors coming off track or going sideways. The first thing you must understand is that the garage door opener isn’t actually the garage door opener. I know that’s hard to fathom since the name is a garage door opener but the garage door opener is actually the torsion springs or extension springs. The opener only gives it momentum and a starting and stopping point and what happens over the years is your garage door springs lose some of their strength and its not noticeable unless you either pull the emergency release cord or know what to look for. That’s why I tell all my customers that they should pull the red cord and lift and lower the door manually along with lubricating the door at least once a year for the 1st 3 years and then twice a year after that. You should be able to lift the garage door with 2 fingers on one hand no matter the size of door or the size of the person. A garage door should be properly balanced and this is the reason these doors come off track. When the door is in the up position the springs lose their ability to keep the cables tight around the grooved torsion drums and this with old faulty rollers and the opener still picking them up to the same height actually causes the off track or sideways door.


Garage Doorl Maintenance

Neglecting to make sure that you’re garage door & opener is receiving preventative maintenance checkups every couple of years.  Most homeowners today don’t think about their garage door or opener unless it begins to fail them.  This is the not the right approach as you are letting the garage door dictate when & how much you pay.  When you schedule an appointment there will be no need for an emergency fee and you may even be able to waive the service call altogether if you are patient and let them schedule your repair when its convenient for the

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We will also need an image of the door or opener to better serve you and to get you a rough estimate on the repair costs.

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