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Our Garage Door Repair Services are 2nd to none and “We install the best & replace the rest!”  If you are looking for garage door repairs done right the first time, every time then I urge you to call us today.  Take a look at the images below and there is probably a picture of the type of repair service you need.  Simply click on the link or image to find out more info and pricing on your type of repair service.  If you don’t see your repair then scroll down until the pop up appears and upload your image and contact info and we will get back to you ASAP! 

Garage Door Repairs are a pain in our sides. They always happen when you least expect it. Call Affordable Garage Doors and we will be there when you need us. We provide 24 hour emergency service and can be there within an hour in most instances. All our service trucks are fully stocked with top of the line garage door parts and come prepared to make repairs on all popular brand name garage doors & openers. We are a service company that has been in the business for over 15 years and have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and make any repair deemed necessary. Our highly qualified technicians will provide you with a written estimate on what it will take to make the repair and always give you their recommendation on whether it’s worth repairing versus getting new equipment all together. Anytime the repairs are half the cost of new equipment we usually lean towards installing new garage doors & openers. The only time this isn’t the case is if you have 2 separate garage doors & openers. We then will recommend repairing the problem and doing preventative maintenance and tuning up both doors until you are ready to take the next step in having new equipment installed. Our motto has always been, “We install the best and replace the rest”! We also stand behind the statement if it isn’t broke lets not fix it but there are times that you need a little upkeep to ensure that you don’t have to schedule another appointment down the road for something we could have prevented on the same service fee and labor charge. All of our repair services come with a 25 point safety inspection and lubrication of all moving parts. All manufacturers warranty their garage door hardware for 3-5 years and a lot of these parts will wear out before the garage door panels themselves. These parts include hinges, rollers, cables, tracks, opener motors, gears, circuit boards, eye beams and much more. If you are having issues with your door and need to schedule a professional garage door repairman you are only one phone call away.

Garage Door RepairsThere are many different types of repairs that are needed for owning and maintaining a fully functional garage door and opener. Affordable Garage Doors highly recommends that you have us come out at least every 3 years to do a 25 point safety inspection and lube all moving parts as well as add tension to the springs and make sure everything is still in good working condition. Doing this could also prolong the life expectancy of your garage door and all its parts. It also keeps you out of an emergency situation where you are stuck in or out of your garage door. We are going to go over some of the most common repairs on this page and hope it is informative and answers any questions you may have.  Remember we are St. Augustines’ most trusted garage door service and are here for you in your time of need.  Call us today! (904) 863-5778

Garage Door Spring Replacements

garage door spring replacements

Garage Door Spring Replacements are the number one most common repair for garage doors today! Spring replacements are a very common occurrence in our industry and we specialize in this phase of garage door repairs. Our trucks are fully stocked with every torsion & extension spring used on standard overhead doors today. We always recommend replacing both springs no matter if they are torsion or extension, since both springs will have the same wear and tear. Garage Doors have replaced most homes front doors these days. People have replaced their front door keys for garage door remotes and keypads, so the life expectancy will vary from home to home. There are many different manufacturers and materials on the market today and springs come in various sizes. Springs are measured by the weight they are able to lift with a certain amount of tension applied. The weight of a garage door will vary by the material that it I made of and whether it has windows, insulation and if it is wind-loaded. This is the main reason we give a price range for extension & torsion spring repairs. Extension spring pricing ranges from $179-$199 depending on the weight of the door, while torsion springs will cost between $229-$299. We always replace both springs and give a 25 point safety inspection, tighten all loose nuts & bolts and lube all moving parts. If you garage door opener will not open as you hit the garage door remote or wall button then look at the torsion bar or at the springs that run along the sides of the tracks and look for a separation in the springs. If you see one then call Affordable Garage Doors today. Do not keep opening and closing the garage door with a broken spring because you could strip the worm gear in your garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

garage door opener repairs

Garage Door Opener Repairs are also a very common service for our industry and the 2 most common repairs are eye-beam and circuit board issues. They can resemble each other while trouble shooting them because the door will open as it normally does but you will have to hold the garage door button down to close the door. The first thing you must do as a homeowner is to make sure that nothing is obstructing the eye-beams from aligning directly at one another and to make sure that there is a light on both eye-beams. They are usually a red & green light or a green & orange light. If the lights are both lit and you still are having to hold the wall button to close the door then it is more than likely a circuit board failure. It is either by lighting or a power surge. We always trouble shoot this with a set of eye-beams that we plug right into your opener that are on a piece of angle iron that are about a ½ apart and that we know are good then we hit the button and if the door will close properly then we know it is only the eye-beams. If that doesn’t allow the door to close then we know it is either a circuit board or the circuit board and the eye-beams. If both are damaged we always recommend getting a new garage door opener because the price to replace these 2 issues will be close to the price to replace the whole garage door opener. If you are having problems that sound like this please don’t hesitate to call and we can get an experienced garage door technician out to you as soon as possible.

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