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Extension Springs

Extension Springs

Extension Spring Replacements

Affordable Garage Doors also specializes in all sizes ofextension spring replacements. Everything you read online will tell you that replacing extension springs is easier than replacing torsion springs. Well I totally disagree! They are safer to replace than the torsion variety but to me they are a lot harder to do by your self and that is how most garage door technicians’ work. They are usually by themselves and it takes a lot of practice to not only remember all the steps but actually make this repair alone. Extension springs were the norm about 10-15 years ago and were about all that you would see installing and repairing garage doors. Now they are the minority but are still seen in low headroom situations. They are installed from front to back of your garage usually beside the track and overhead. They are a little cheaper than their counterparts and have about the same life expectancy but that all depends on how many cycles per day you use your garage door.

The first thing you must make sure of is that the door is in the up position before you start working on the extension spring replacement. Having the door in the up position takes the tension off of the springs and I always use vise grips to keep the door from falling during the replacement. These springs will also be color coded like the torsion springs but they don’t have any specific side to be installed too and don’t need tension added by winding bars. This must be the only reason people claim it is easier. I would much rather replace a pair of torsion springs before changing out extension springs. There are many different size extension springs on the market today for the various types & sizes of garage doors & carriage doors. We always have at least 2 sets of every color on each of our service trucks and more of the most popular sizes. There will be different diameters for the various weights and materials of garage doors on the market. Your older wooden doors will have a much bigger spring size than your newer steel doors.

Installing Extension Springs

Before installing the extension springs I recommend that you lay each spring in the area where you can easily get to it while you are disconnecting it from the pulley. You will need a 9/16” socket and wrench to loosen the bolt that holds the cable around the pulley. You will also need to slide the cable off of the pulley that is attached to the track at the front of your door. After disconnecting the cable from both pulleys you’ll then need to inspect all four pulleys on your spring assembly to make sure that they are not wobbly and needing to be replaced as well. If they are the original pulleys that came with the door I would go ahead and replace them while you’re doing this repair.

If you don’t have safety cables in place you’ll want to add those to the repair too. Older homes today that were built in the 90’s do not have the safety cables and this is not good. There is nothing to keep the springs from flying around in your garage and they are very dangerous. I have been to homes where the extension spring broke and there wasn’t a safety cable and the spring went through the dry wall and was lying in the home owner’s kitchen. It scared her to death. Always disconnect and reconnect one extension cable at a time so that you can better remember how it came off and that will make it easier to get it back on. Taking both springs off and then replacing them really makes it a lot more to remember. If there are no safety cables in place you will run the extension cable through the loop it has on one end and then through the spring and then attach it too the track of the door, making sure that it is tight and secure. This will keep the spring in place if it were to break in the future. Slide the pulley fork through the new extension spring then insert the new spring by looping the extension cable around the pulley. Put your nut and bolt back on and tighten your bolt and you are ready to re-wrap the cable back around the pulley that’s connected to the track at the front of the door. If you didn’t have to replace the cables during this repair then your cable clips will still be tied in the precise spot that gives the springs the amount of tension that you need if you are using the same size springs. You will then insert your S-hooks back in the S-hook and connect it back in the same track hole that it came from. This is a simplified version of this repair and to me still has a lot more steps than a torsion spring replacement.

Extension Spring Replacement Pricing

Here at Affordable Garage Doors we always replace both springs and will recommend replacing the all 4 pulleys and if the cables are frayed they must be replaced while making this repair. No sense in doing it at a later date while the door is already disassembled to a certain degree. You will also want to add safety cables if they aren’t already there to ensure a runaway spring when they break in the future. The S-hooks and cable clips should be okay as long as they are not bent. The price for the extension springs alone run from $179-$199 installed. That will also come with a 25 point safety inspection, tightening of all loose nuts and bolts along with lubrication of all moving parts. All of our extension springs come with a 5-8 year warranty depending on which grade you choose to have installed.

We have been making these repairs for over 15 years and have the experience to get the job done right the first time, every time. If you have a broken extension spring I recommend you call a professional so they can install and inspect the door and all of its hardware. Call Affordable Garage Doors today for extension spring replacements!

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